June 04, 2011

71:Into The Fire Tears..

71:Into The Fire is a sad, war-true story of 71 student soldier trainees fought bravely in an impossible war against the Northe Korean army during 1950's Korean War. This movie will make u cry so bad *like i did* depicts their emotions and conflicts as those students experience the true grown up's war.

*This may contain spoiler*
As the story grows, we eventually met Oh Jung Bum (T.O.P of BIGBANG aka Choi Seung Hyun). A student who turns out to be a soldier in the middle of war. At the beginning of story, he act cowardly and he did not have *keberanian* to fought enemy. That cause his army soldier friend to die. *Due to his doubt in shooting enemies* But he fought bravely till his last breath, after all.

Kang Suk-Dae (Kim Seung Woo) is commander in South Korean Army. He cared about his soldiers team mate but can't do anything more due to the lack of weapon and army ++ his position are not that high. Late. But came eventually! TT_______TT

Kwon Sang Woo act as Ku Kap-Jo. A soldier student who murdered people even before came to troops. He really hate Communist and fought real brave. He's very responsible but stubborn too. Heroic and arrogant. Always involve in trouble at first. Finally, he become one of the best among the best 71 soldier students.

He play antagonist (other parties) in 71:Into The Fire. Cha Seung-Won portray Park Mu-Rang, Cif of North Korean Army in 1950. He's an absolute Hitler type of soldier. Cruel and no sense of humanity. Cool. But kill to much people ++ blood flood!

*can't forget bout burying body, blood and too much machine gun. Really good movies. :D TTFN