May 30, 2011

kyahh~ i love this!

credit to eng sub, Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue and Seo Hyun of SNSD. i did not own anything of this. Just love the rhythm, atmosphere and this love created sung by both singers in reality programmed 'We Got Married'.
Banmal can be describe as more intimate words. Seohyun is a very polite girl. Does not said any banmal to stranger *Yong Hwa* keke~ 
This song created by CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa himself tells a first time lovers (aka his own experience in this programmed with his reality wife- Seo Hyun) although their YongSeo realtionship in this reality programmed has ended, i believe fan would love they to be together. Goguma Couple Jjang! Fighting! For First Time Lovers (Banmal Song) is for us! :D